Photos of Tiny Noah – Life’s Miracle That Will Break Your Heart

No parent should ever live through the death of his child. It is the most soul crushing experience in the world.

For that reason, I want you to meet someone:

This is Noah, Lara’s son. He died from a miscarriage after only 12 weeks and five days. That is only about three months.

As you can see, he is not “just a bunch of cells” – he is a tiny but beautiful baby, person, living being, potential astronaut, teacher, hairdresser, artist, someone’ boyfriend, brother, son, and father.

Twelve weeks is enough for a baby to develop reflexes. To feel the touch and move around mother’s womb. Noah’s fingers and toes were able to curl, his kidneys and liver were just starting to function properly. All he needed was a chance, which he didn’t get.

Noah’s mother Lara is heartbroken but grateful for the time that she had spent with him and an opportunity to hold him in her arms after his premature birth.

You should remember that miscarriage is equally painful as any other loss. The bond between mother and her baby starts to develop since the first day of the pregnancy. Don’t ever deny someone’s right to be sad after such an unfortunate development.

To a mother, every pregnancy is special and significant no matter how short it lasted and no matter how many children she has before or after.

Take a moment today to think about Noah and his life.

If you ever find yourself in the situation make a decision about abortion, remember this beautiful child and always think twice.