Massive Orange Chicken Stares down the White House!

No, you are not dreaming. Let someone pinch you, just to be sure.

Yes, without any doubt, it is a huge, puffy, inflatable Trump-like, orange-haired chicken in the sky. Just a regular Wednesday in Washington D.C.

In fact, you should admire it, because it is here as a bold sign of a protest.

You shouldn’t be so surprised. The chicken situated on the Ellipse facing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had her debut before. Tax Day March organizers have used it earlier to coax President Trump to release his tax returns.

Trump broke the tradition of releasing presidential tax information, which made many USA citizens angry. After Tax Day March events, the president decided to release some bits of information on his tax history, but nothing close to full returns.

Unfortunately, he is not at the White House today to see the magnificent chicken hovering in his backyard. On the other hand, protesters all over the country decided to purchase matching birds, so he might still have an opportunity to meet one.

In fact, for 500$ and access to E-bay, you can get one of these 10-food poultry props for yourself. If you do, make sure to release it in the air somewhere in New Jersey, because President Trump is at his golf club in Bedminster, on a 17-day vacation.

It would be such a shame if he didn’t get a chance to see it.